Dental Malpractice

dental-toolsDental care can be a matter of life and death. Like other forms of medicine, patients seeking dental work have a right to be treated with a reasonable standard of care—and with respect. Unfortunately, some patients have fallen prey to predatory sales tactics employed by certain dental offices. These patients usually are scheduled for a routine cleaning but when sitting in the dental chair are bombarded with scare tactics and a sense of urgency to start often unnecessary and questionable expensive dental treatment that day. What was supposed to be a routine cleaning turns into thousands of dollars of medical debt for a patient that put his or her trust in the dental professional and the dental office.

Some dental offices are actually owned by private equity firms, which inherently prioritizes profit over the patient’s well-being. Typically, the dentists and office staff are pressured to do expensive procedures to meet monthly and quarterly sales quotas. The lure of bonuses only compounds this conflict in interest between profits and the patient’s health.

The financial services offered at these dental offices can also be questionable. Often the office will present patient financing options, such as CareCredit, alongside the thousands of dollars in urgent dental work that is “recommended.” This leaves the patient feeling pressured into immediately agreeing to the recommended procedures because they are “approved” for the loans.

To boot, the dental care received is often of poor quality. Patients are now left with significant medical debt from these supposed urgent dental treatments and need thousands of dollars in reparative work.

If this sounds at all familiar, call Montez Law. Montez Law offers over a decade of experience in the dental industry. Our team of dental malpractice attorneys can help prove you not only sustained a physical injury, but also a financial one at the hands of these predatory dental offices.