Healthcare Regulatory and Corporate Compliance

doctor-1228627_1280Our Health Law branch offers extensive knowledge of regulatory and corporate issues traditional and alternative healthcare industries face daily. Whether you are a healthcare provider specializing in complementary and alternative medicine, a wellness program, or a medical group, Montez Law is committed to being a long-term partner in your success.

Through our Virtual General Counsel service, we provide comprehensive expertise in healthcare corporate structuring and governance, healthcare transactions and compliance, and medical malpractice within the medical tourism, health & wellness, complementary and alternative medicine, management services organization, and western medicine industries.

We understand the niche industries within healthcare and the laws and the regulatory bodies that govern them. We look forward to being a part of your team.

As your virtual general counsel, Montez Law will provide assistance at a minimum in the following:

• Corporate formation and ongoing supervision (Filing, Medical and Chiropractic Board registrations, corporate documents, bylaws, operating agreements, shareholder and director meeting minutes, etc.)
• Employment / Independent Contractor agreements (Medical tourism facilitator agreements, physician employment and independent contractor agreements, vendor agreements, etc.)
• Professional and General Liability Coverage review and supervision (From needs assessment during bidding process to annual premium negotiations)
• Patient Forms (Consent forms (California Senate Bill 577 compliant), financial responsibility forms, patient representations and warranties, etc.)
• Intellectual Property management (Patents, CIPs, Continuation Patents, Trademarks, etc.)
• Litigation Support (Judge merits of potential and existing lawsuits brought against and/or on behalf of clients. Work with client to develop appropriate strategy and recommend settlement of disputes when warranted)
• Legal and Regulatory Compliance:
–HIPAA compliance
–California Corporate Practice of Medicine
–STARK / Anti-Kickback / False Claims Act / PORA compliance
–Federal & California Employment Law