Virtual General Counsel

Virtual General CounselOngoing legal advice is a priority for the start-up, early-stage and middle-market business. Nevertheless, many businesses do not engage a lawyer until it is too late out of fear of the cost. Sometimes, businesses are dependent on large and expensive outside law firms foregoing legal counsel until it is absolutely needed.

Our Virtual General Counsel program is different. Montez Law offers exceptional legal counsel and truly competitive prices that reflect an understanding of your company’s position for future growth. We work as part of your team, by contributing strategic insight and providing business value and legal services truly customized to your business.

We provide experienced and cost-effective services in numerous practice areas, with particular emphasis in the following:

  • Commercial contracts, services agreements, and strategic transactions
  • Leasing agreements
  • Corporate governance and secretarial duties, including board and shareholder meetings and minutes
  • Facilitating business development
  • Trademark, patent and other intellectual property consideration and protection
  • Regulatory compliance assessment and policy development
  • Human resources and employment matters

As former in-house counsel, we understand the need to maintain a fluid approach when developing and growing a business. In response, we remain sensitive to your company’s unique financial situation and business stage by offering a variety of compensation arrangements:

  • Flat fees
  • Low hourly rates
  • Fixed monthly retainers

Our flexible compensation arrangements allow access to exceptional legal counsel, allowing you the piece of mind that your valuable business venture is protected.

The Virtual General Counsel Program is as adaptable as you need. We are available to provide counsel on-site regularly through daily or weekly visits allowing in-person collaboration between legal and senior management and/or executives. Or, we can serve your company remotely and be just a phone call away—any time.

You choose the relationship that best fits your company’s needs and we will be there for you.